Let’s watch!

Subject: Environment

Blossom Lane

The blue island

What scorching weather!

You beautiful swallows!

The salmon from the red spring

Let me tell you a secret about the environment


Clean up your act!

You control climate change!

Climate change - what is it all about?

The factory of life

Four seasons

Subject: European Union

United in diversity

Let's explore Europe!

Let's exlpore Europe!

Troubled waters

Passport to the European Union

Subject: Development aid

Mathias and Amadou

Amadou and Mathias

Subject: Languages 

Languages take you further

Subject: Nutrition, Agriculture

The tasty bunch

Where does milk come from?

Farms are fun

Questions for the Paper Fortune Teller game

Julia's and Steven's adventures

Europe & Agriculture

On the farm

Make up your own story

Other publications 

The healthiest holiday!

Take two

Jump start

Hidden disaster