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Europe and the EU

Learn about Europe with interactive games

Learn all about the EU, explore Europe by topic and test your knowledge

Test your knowledge about the wealth of languages spoken in Europe

The euro

Information, games and quizzes about the euro

Guess which coin comes from which country

Health and Consumers 

Raise happy animals on this virtual farm

Do you know the European emergency number?

Energy and Environment
U4energy is a pan-European challenge for schools that aims at involving pupils and teachers in reaching Europe's ambitious climate change objectives

Information, games and competitions about energy

Become an eco-agent and help save this planet!
Learn why air, water, waste and nature are so important

Jiffy's eco quiz
Test your knowledge about the environment!

EU in the world

Educational game about development and aid in Africa

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Find competitions related to culture, education and young people

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Teacher's corner
Inspiring teaching material about the European Union

Free books and wallcharts on Europe and the EU for children

EU maps

Free downloadable colouring book "On the farm"

European Youth Portal

Be healthy - Be yourself

Music against poverty