Class 5 (Monday, 4.04.2011)

Use passive voice in these sentences:
1.      Their mum carries about the babies.
2.      The hunter has killed more than 120 pieces.
3.      The killer killed about 100 thousands of seals last year.
4.      The ocean has thrown whales on the coast of Japan.
5.      Mum brings its kangaroo´s baby in its pouch.

Use active voice in these sentences:
1.      Hotels are attacked by bears.
2.      Homes will be lost by endangered animals.
3.      The bushes are jumped easily by the ibex.
4.      Horns have been cut by the illegal hunters.
5.      The arguments have written by the Kayakos people.

Comparatives and superlatives of the adjectives
1. ... (sunny) days are in the summer.
2. April is ... (changeable) month in the year.
3. ... (high) temperature is on July.
4 ... (long) day is on the 21st March.
5. Greece is ... (large) than Slovakia.
6. ... (near) sea is the black sea.
7. Slovakia is ... (small) than Greece.
8. Greece has got ... (pleasant) climate conditions.
9. In the autumn there are ... (foggy) days than in the spring.
10. The Vah is ... (long) than the Danube.

Present Simple - Answer:
1. When does Amadou write the letter? (after lesson)
2. Why does Amadou write a letter? (penfriend from Europe)
3. What do Amadou and friend make for Mathias? (kite)
4. What does the European Union send to Amadou´s school? (pens, exercise books, books)
5. What colour is the flag of the European Union?( blue and yellow)
6. What does Mathias catch? (lion's tail)
7. What does the European Union build? (hospitals, schools)

Present Simple - Write the negative:
1. Amadou plays the drums.
2. European teams play football.
3. African children read books under the mango trees.
4. The boxes have got the symbol of the European Union.
5. Bees live in the beehives.

Present Simple - Write the positive:
1. A dog doesn´t run in the garden.
2. Parents don´t sit next to the kitchen.
3. School doesn´t start at 9:10.
4. They don´t play the violin.
5. Children don´t write on the interactive board.
6. Girls don´t dance.