e-class - Ronaldo the Reender

Put the verbs in the correct form

- Ronaldo the Reender _____ (play) football.
- When it _____ (snow), he _____ (dig) for food.
- Cars and houses _____ (produce) carbon dioxide.
- The gas _____ (form) a blanket in the atmosphere.
- We _____ (use) low energy bulbs.
- He _____ (shut) the windows and doors.
- Your parents _____ (save) money.
- We _____ (protect) Ronaldo the Reendeer.

Draw the following...
- low energy bubl
- car producing carbon dioxide

Taboo Cards - Use Present simple
Ronaldo reindeer- forest, sport, digging, hoovers, carbon dioxide, our Earth
Fox- tree, red, long tail, gingerbread
Squirel- nut, tree, nest, red, pointed ears, long and strong teeth, jump
Owl- wisdom, night, fly, mouse, tree
Hedgehog- spines, apple, small nose, leaves
Bat- cave, blood, night, day, mix mouse and bird, pointed ears