Let's play - Blossom Lane

Taboo game

traffic tume: cars, accident, ambulance
sport car: road, CO2
music school: violin, drums, cello 


There is a cello in the sport car. In front of the sport car there is boy, a fox and a nurse. The boy has got a bandage on his leg.

There are some mistakes at the following sentences. Can you find and correct them?  

1. Fleur live on Blue Island.
2. Today the weather is grey and chilly.
3. She has got an orange handkerchief around her face.
4. She don´t like the traffic tumes.
5. Fleur put  her hands over ears.
6. Sports cars pulls out of the queue.
7. He bends down and  stroke  Fleur´s cheek.
8. Lila goes and don´t find Mrs .Davies.

Put the verbs in the correct forms:

1. Lucy … (get out) of the car.
2. She … (have) her music lesson.
3. The cars … (start) hooting again.
4. My friends … (not go) by car to the music school.
5. I … (want to) walk to school too.
6. Nurse … (put) the bandage.
7. The Mayor … (not waste) time.
8. Children … (practise) riding their bikes.
9. Birds … (sing) very sweetly in Blossom Lane.
10. Your boat … (not wait) for you in the port.

Find and correct the mistakes at the following sentences:

1. Lila go with her pretty cubs every morning.
2. It are dangerous to cross the street.
3. Tom and Fleur go across the pedestrian crossing.
4. Mr. Raca is impatient and nervous drivers.
5. Nurses work at the medicine.
6. Mr. Dixon come from the police station on the corner.
7. Four Lila´s cubs nuzzles Fleur´s head.
8. I doesn´t understand.
9. You wants to fetch Dr. Dixon.
10. Fleur makes a little noise.

Translate to English the following sentences:

1. Fleur chodieva cez Hassle Street každé ráno.
2. On má oranžovú vreckovku okolo krku.
3. Oni nemajú radi dopravnú zápchu.
4. Fleur a Tom si položil ruky na svoje uši.
5. Lila sa prechádzava so svojimi 4 malými mláďatami.
6. Autá začínajú trúbiť, keď je dopravná zápcha.