Let's play! - Hope for the Kayakos

Taboo game

Rainforest: cousin, the Kayakos, village

Monkey: banana, long tail, brown
Damaged forest: bulldozers, parrots, monkey, roads


People cutting down the trees
The Kayakos village, in the middle of the picture draw kayakos dancer

Could you write some of the rainforest animals which are mentioned in this story?

    Rewrite the sentences into the passive voice:

    1. Loggers has disappeared the Kayakos village.
    2. People cut down trees.
    3. The wheels of some machine had cut down into the ground huge ruts.
    4. Fleur touched a coking pot.
    5. The loggers have chased away Fleur’s cousins.
    6. Fleur recognized an old man.
    7. Lot of bulldozers and tractors started tearing down trees.
    8. Trees take carbon dioxide gas out of the air.
    9. The tractors terrified the poor little frog.
    10. Naori picked up Lila.
    11. Kayakos people had re-built the village.
    12. Naori picked up an earthenware pot containing a brightly-coloured paste.