Let's play - Together!

Taboo game

FOX: tail, ears, animal, clever, smart
BAT: black, dark, cave, blint, ears
BEAVER: teeth, wood, lake, brown, dam


Could you draw in less than 2 minutes:
- a fox?
- a box?
- a bat?

Put in the correct order:

1.      play/hide and seek/they/ Example: They play hide and seek.
2.      I/ a boat/need/to my beehives/
3.      doesn´t/ the flood/hurt/
4.      needs/wet meadows/it/
5.      Mr Basil/walk/ doesn´t /fast/
6.      a wooden box/Tom/doesn´t touch/
7.      the butterflies/loves/Tom/
8.      live/in the  cave/the bats/
9.      sleep/during the day/they/
10. puts/a hand/Basil/on Tom´s shoulder/

Put the verbs in the correct form - use Present Simple

1.      The frogs ... (jump) every spring.
2.      They ... (need) to cross the road.
3.      Basil ... (want) to help then frog.
4.      David ... (have got) a big  kiss for his father.
5.      Mr Basil ... (not live) with Tom´s family.
6.      People ... (protect) these special places.
7.      Tom ... (protect) the wooden boxes.
8.      Tom and Mr Basil ... (help) the frogs and salamanders.
9.      The colony of bats ... (live) in the cave.
10. Mr Basil ... (read) this message again and again.

Rewrite the following sentences into the passive voice:

1.  The beaver’s dam blocks the river.
2.  Tom grabbed the hammer from Basil’s hands.
3.  Tom, Lila and Basil might disturb the bats.
4. Tom spotted another wooden box.
5. Tom’s dad opened the door.
6. The Mayor led Basil, Tom and Lila back to Merlin river valley.
7. Signs warn motorists to watch out for frogs and salamanders on the road.
8. Tom and the Mayor put up the signs.
9. Bats eat the insects that might otherwise damage the fruit in our orchards.
10.  Mayor plans to set up a little Information Centre.
11. Lila had found some strange prints in the mud.
12. Bees make really delicious honey.
13. Lila nudged Tom with her sharp little nose.