Let's play - What scorching weather!

Fill in the gap

Taboo game


Find these sentences in the book What scorching weather and rewrite them into passive voices:

p 14- the 3rd sentence
p14- the 8th sentence
p15- the last sentence
p16- the 8th sentence
p16- the 10th sentence
p18- the last sentence

Rewrite the following sentences into active:

1.    A forest fire must be started by the sun.
2.    His friend  the fox Lila  was thought by him.
3.    Tons of water were been sprayed by their long hoses.
4.    His month was covered by  him with his T-shirt.
5.    She hasn´t bee trapped by the flames.
6.    His legs were brushed by Lila against Tom.
7.    The trouser leg of one of the firemen was grabbed by her.