e-class 7 (Monday, 23.05.2011)

European emergency number 112

Multiple choice questions

1. Which countries can you call 112 from?
a. from every country
b. from every european country
c. from every country in the EU

2. What shouldn‘t you forget to say to 112 operator?
a. name, date of birth, place of your holiday
b. name, date of day, where you are from
c. name, address and telephone number

3. What must 112 operator do for you?
a. give you advice what to do
b. send emergency service (police, ambulance, fire brigade)
c. call police and your parents

4. When I‘m on holiday in the EU and I‘ve got an accident, where should I call?
a. to my national emergency number
b. both my national emergency and 112 number
c. 112 number or my national number if I remember it

5. How much is calling to 112?
a. it depends on the EU
b. nothing-it´s free
c. it is 0,80 cents per minute

6. In case of wrong phone how can you call 112?
a. from mobile
b. from the public payphones
c. from the public payphones, fixed and mobile phones

7. Can you call in Slovakia the 112 when your SIM card is wrong?
a. Yes
b. No

8. How many foreign languages can you speak to call into 112 in Slovakia?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 12

9. How many percent of people in our country know about calling 112 from each country in the EU?
a. 55%
b. 60%
c. 57%

Use SHOULD/ SHOULDN‘T about the European Emergency Number 112 at the following sentences...

- to make a joke
- to wants to have information about weather
- You are the witness of an accident

Can you answer to the following questions?

1. Why should you call the European Emergency number 112?
2. What does the European Emergency number 112 mean?
3. Which 3 services are included  in the European emergency number 112?
4. What tools can you use to call for help at the European Emergency number 112?
5. Why can you call the European Emergency number 112 if you haven‘t got any money?