Let's play - Hidden Disaster

Can you answer to the following questions?

1.  What is the disaster that is mentioned on the story?
2.  How many people were killed by the disaster?
3.  How many people were injured by the disaster?
4.  When and where was this disaster?
5.  Where is situated the city Kellow?
6.  What has the earthquake caused?
7.  Where’s the centre of the European quarter?
8.  What does the abbreviation ECHO mean?
9.  Who must help to struggle the cape to the Bordurian Government?
10. What must ECHO do for the Bordurian Government?
11. How should the Commissioner be to the Bordurian Government and why?
12. Which organisations are there?
13. How much does the EU give for emergency?
14. What is the European Commission afraid and why?
15. What is missing to the European Commission?

Write what the EU should do when the disaster is in Slovakia (step by step) – 3-4 pages

Can you finish the following sentences after reading the pages 6-10?

- If we fly over the valley, we...
- If we have more helicopters, we...
- If you see smoke, poor people...
- If some people survive the earthquake, they...
- If you sitat today‘s briefing, I...
- When Zana from ECHO arrives there, she...
- If we have got someone speaking the local dialect, he...
- If we look at the beginning, the hill people...
- If Mr. Tesjang persuades the hill people, they...
- If I write the sitrep for our headquarters, you...

Taboo cards:

Helicopter: pilot, valley, control
First briefing: campus, speech, tent

Sketch game:

There are three tents and one of them has got the red cross sign and three shelters. There are a few hill people in the shelters. In the middle there is a well-clean water.

Can you put the verbs in the correct tense?

1. If we ... anyone with the local dialect, it ... very difficult to suppose the hill people. (not find, be)
2. If we ... the social barier, we ... to cooperate with these people. (not break, not be able)
3. If we ... the camp now, we ... there till 4 pm. (leave, arrive)
4. If Mr. Tesjang ... the hill people, they ... the red cross hospital. (suppose, visit)
5. She ... the funeral if we ... over the landslides of poor people. (see, fly)

Can you rewrite the following sentences to the active voice?

1. The first aid is given to our citizens by many organisations.
2. Citizens will be supposed by Mr. Tesjang.
3. Zana has been joined by Mr. Tesjang.
4. A sitrep is going to be written by Zana.
5. The interpretion of the situation is going to be helped by Mr. Tesjang.