e-class - 7 (Tuesday, 3.05.2011)

A. Put these words in the correct order:
  1. sort/ I’ll/ to/ have/ out/ that
  2. I’ll/ fet/ petrol/ to/ some/ have
  3. you’ll/ me/ give/ to/ have/ number/ your
  4. to/ have/ there/ we’ll/ go
  5. to/ new/ have/ get/I’ll/ one/ a
  6. buy/ present/a/ I’ll/ to/ her/ have
  7. have/ I’ll/ you/ call/ to/ back

B. Use Mustn’t/ don’t have to:

1. You … leave your bag. It will be stolen.
2. You … come if you don’t want to.
3. You … speak to him like that. It’s rude.
4. We … be there until 8 o’ clock. We have plenty of time.
5. You … pay by cheque. You can pay online with your credit card.
6. We … pay now. We can pay when we get there.
7. You … have a visa if you have a European passport.
8. You … make so much noise. You will wake up the baby.

C. Put these words into the correct order:

  1. that/ say/ you/ should/ it’s/ funny
  2. it’s /say/ he/ so/ should/ interesting
  3. be/ natural/ worried/ it’s/ should/ they
  4. you/ tell/ should/ he/ it’s/ odd
  5. it’s/ he/ strange/ should/ think/ so
  6. choose/ she/ him/ funny/ it’s/ should