e-class - Class 6 (Adverbs & Adjectives)

Can you use adverbs at the following sentences?
1.   They're all smiling (happy).
2. Hurry up! Don't walk so (slow).
3. He always explains things (clear).
4. The children are playing (noisy) in the pool.
5. Ben makes friends (easy).
6. Don't eat so (quick).
7. You speak German (perfect).
8. Helen always talks (loud).
9. Please listen (careful).
10. Rob sometimes laughts (nervous).

Can you use adverbs at the following sentences?
1. He's a beautiful singer. He sings beautifully.
2. She's a bad player.
3. He's a dangerous driver.
4.They're hard workers.
5. I'm a fast learner.
6. You're a good writer.
7. She's a wonderful dancer.

Can you complete this e-mail by using adjectives or adverbs?
Hi, Lucy!
How are you? Things are going really (good) here in Strasbourg. I arrived a month ago and because my French is quite (fluent), I found a job (immediate). I'm working in a hotel. The job's (tiring) because I have to get up early, but the hotel's part of an (international) company, so if I make a (good) impression, I'm sure I'll find work (easy) in another country. The only problem is my German. It's really (bad). There are lot of German tourists at the hotel and I can only understand them if they speak (slow).
What about you? Write and tell me what you're doing.