Let's play - Farms are fun

A. Can you answer to the following questions?
1.  Where are there peppers in the market?
2.  Is there any cheese?
3.  There is a shop assistant opposite the uncle Frank. What has the shop assistant got in his hand?
4.  How many eggs are there in the box?
5.  Is there lettuce between cucumbers and tomatoes?
6.  What has the woman with yellow dress in her bag?

B. Can you answer to the following questions?
1.  Can a lamb climb?
2.  Can people fly?
3.  Can farmers work on the fields?
4.  Can Emma do on the internet?
5.  Can Nicholas go to the fields?

C.  Can you fill in the gaps with: can, there is, there are?
1.  … Emma do project on a computer?
2.  … cucumbers in the basket?
3.  … cows give milk?
4.  Floss … take care about sheep.
5.  … 10 hens in front of the barn.

Which of the following sentences are in Present Simple (PS) and Present Continuous (PC)?

1. It is raining.
2. Emma does the projects on the computer.
3. Nicholas lives in the town.
4. They aren't working in the field.
5. They aren't looking out of the window.
6. In the summer they don't go to school.
7. At the moment she is keeping the hens.
8. Father sells the diary products at the department store.
9. Our hens live outside.
10. Nicholas is bringing the cows to the fields.

Can you write the negative form of the following sentences?
1. Nicholas is lying in the bed.
2. Emma is selling eggs at the market.
3. Parents are watching TV.
4. Workers are cleaning the barns.
5. Hens lay eggs every day.
6. We keep hens in a barn.
7. We come to Emma every summer.
8. Emma takes the farm car to the school on the shools day.
9. Nicholas is running to Emma.
10. People make from wheat some bread, some pasta and some flour.
11. Uncle Frank is collecting the milk.
12. Aunt Molly makes ice-cream, cheese and yoghurt.
13. They get up early.
14. Emma's family sells the diary products at the market.

Can you put the following words in the correct order? 
1. Frank/is/uncle/the lambs and sheep/cutting/.
2. see/Floss/they/at the farm/.
3. is/bringing/Floss/sheep/to the gate/at the moment/.
4. The sheep/the children/visit/.
5. uncle/is/at the combine/sitting/Frank/.

Can you create a dialogue at the market?

Can you write the negative of the following sentences?

  1. We are shopping at the market.
  2. They go to the farm.
  3. Emma is brushing Floss’s fur.
  4. Emma brushes Floss’s fur every day.
  5. Uncle Frank cuts sheep’ and lambs’ fur every season.
  6. Emma and Nicholas get up early.
Can you choose the correct tense of the verb?
  1. Emma and her family wait/ are waiting for her cousin.
  2. They wear/ are wearing a School uniform to School.
  3. Nicholas has/ is having breakfast in the kitchen.
  4. They read/ are reading a book about farm animals.
  5. They feed/ are feeding farm animals every morning.
  6. Cows eat/ are eating grass every day.
  7. Cow produce/ is producing 100-150 liter milk.
  8. Farm workers clean/ are cleaning barns in this picture.
Can you draw the following?
  1. Nicholas is in the field. He’s wearing a brown t-shirt, a red cap and blue trousers and black wellinghton. He’s selling in the tractor.
  2. Emma is in the barn. There is Floss next to Emma. Floss is sitting on the straw. Emma is wearing a blue t-shirt, pink shorts, yellow socks and black sandal.
  3. There is a basket. Uncle Frank is bringing a lamb next to the basket. There are leek and cucumber in the basket.
Can you draw the picture of your farm? Don't forget to describe your picture.

Taboo game
Barn: straw, animals, farm
Lamb: sheep, baby, white, fur
Rainbow: stripes, sky, rain, colours