e-class - 5 (Monday, 2.05.2011)

A. Look at this picture:
1.      Is there a piano?
2.      Are there four chairs next to the piano?
3.      Is there a balcony?
4.      Is there a lamp?
5.      How many TVs are there in the living room?
6.      How many armchairs are there?
7.      What are there between the table and the armchair?
8.      What are there next to the window?
9.      Where is there a piano?

B. Use There is /There are
... a wardrobe next to the shelf.
... books on the bookshelf.
... a red box on the wardrobe.
... boxes in the wardrobe.
... slippers on the rug.

C. Draw:
1.      There is a book Present for timmy on the blue rug.
2.      There is a satchel on the blanket.
3.      There is a chello in the car.
4.      The is a nurse with the injection.
5.      The is a fox with four cubs next to the tree.

D. Describe your living room. (there are 7 sentences)

E. What do you do in the: school, living room, park, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom?